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About Tosei Reit

Targeting relatively small- and medium-sized office buildings, retail facilities, residential properties and logistics facilities as major marketable real estate and thus its investment properties from among the vast existing building stock(Note) in Japan’s real estate market, and leveraging the three major strengths representing the core competencies of Tosei Corporation (“Tosei”), the Asset Manager’s parent company, Tosei Reit Investment Corporation (“Tosei Reit”) assesses the potential of assets as rental properties with an emphasis on yield levels and stability, and invests in and manages them with an eye to the possibility for adding value as it aims to increase unitholder value.
Through this investment approach, Tosei Reit also seeks to further rejuvenate Japan’s real estate market by utilizing and revitalizing existing building stock, and contribute to the expansion of the scale and scope of the J-REIT market.

  • Existing building stock is a general term for building assets which were constructed in the past and still exist today.

Cash Distributions

As of June 16, 2021

Distribution per unit (Actual)

13th fiscal period ended April 30, 2021

Start of payment:July 09, 2021

Cash distributions forecast

14th fiscal period ending October 31, 2021
15th fiscal period ending April 30, 2022

Portfolio Data

Tosei Reit sees the importance of ESG initiatives in meeting the expectations of stakeholders.
ESG refers to corporate management that places emphasis on environmental consideration, social contribution and corporate governance.
The REIT Division of Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc., the asset management company of Tosei Reit, has various initiatives underway by organizing the ESG Committee in an aim to put ESG into practice and thereby pursue maximization of unitholder value.
In particular, in terms of portfolio properties, air-conditioning equipment update, refurbishment and value enhancement work are conducted every fiscal period in an effort to conserve the environment, maintain asset value and enhance customer satisfaction.

Tosei’s Three Major Strengths

Leveraging Tosei’s Core Competencies for Long-Term Management of Investment Assets

Tosei Reit aims to increase unitholder value by leveraging Tosei’s know-how (core competencies) for the long-term management of investment assets. Such know-how has been realized through business activities centered on Tosei’s Revitalization Business, in which Tosei actively invests in older existing buildings generally deemed to have relatively high investment risk, and adds value to properties by refurbishing and renovating them, and through which Tosei accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in re-circulating properties back to the real estate investment market.

Portfolio Composition Policy

A comprehensive J-REIT focusing on the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Note)

  • The Tokyo metropolitan area collectively refers to the prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba.

Secure ample opportunities to consider investments by focusing on major marketable real estate

Growth Strategy

Strategically Expand the Range of Management Methods through Sponsor Support

Tosei Reit and the Asset Manager seek to achieve both external growth and internal growth by increasing the ability to respond to the functional depreciation risk of buildings, securing property acquisition opportunities and expanding the scope of investment targets through strategic utilization of the various forms of support provided by Tosei, the Sponsor, based on the memorandum of understanding on sponsor support, etc., in place with Tosei.

  • Sponsor
    Tosei Corporation
  • Asset Manager
    Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc.