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Rd-32 T's garden Tanashi

Address 1-5-14 Minami-cho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo
Access Approx. 6-min. walk from Seibu-Yagisawa Sta., Seibu-Shinjuku Line
Area Land 504.01㎡
Building 1,672.02㎡
Construction RC, B1/7F
Completed September 1991
Type of Ownership Proprietary ownership

Property Features

・The property is located an approximate 6-minute walk from Seibu-Yagisawa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line and a 13-minute walk from Tanashi Station on the same line.
・Since the property is situated within commuting distance of central Tokyo and there is a full lineup of living convenience facilities in the vicinity, the area is relatively convenient for small households.
・The property is a rental apartment with shops for small households composed of a total of 21 units and retail sections. The residential section has 14 2DKS units and 7 2DK units.