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O-14 Hon-Atsugi Tosei Building

Address 8-10 Tamura-cho, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa
Access Approx. 12-min. walk from Hon-Atsugi Sta., Odakyu Odawara Line
Area Land 945.00㎡
Building 3,818.84㎡
Construction S, SRC, 7F
Completed January 1993
Type of Ownership Proprietary ownership

Property Features

・The property is located an approximate 12-minute walk from Hon-Atsugi Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line. It enjoys relatively good access to central Tokyo as it is three stops (approx. 16 minutes) from Hon-Atsugi Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line to Machida Station, a terminal station, and eight stops (approx. 50 minutes) to Shinjuku Station using a rapid express train. To Yokohama Station, it takes approximately 40 minutes by switching to the Sotetsu Main Line at Ebina Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line.
・The property offers easy access to major arterial roads and the road on its southern side connects with National Route 246 and National Route 129. In addition, with the Atsugi IC of the Tomei Expressway and the Ebina IC of the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway within 3 km, access to ICs is excellent.
・Since it is situated further down from the north exit of Hon-Atsugi Station in an area where many mid- to high-rise office buildings, etc. stand, the property can benefit from office demand of the area.
・The property is comprised of a seven-story high-rise office building and a multi-story parking lot, and has leasable spaces with no pillars allowing for flexible office layout.