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Rd-03 Gekkocho Apartment

Address 6-9-22 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access Approx. 13-min. walk from Musashi-Koyama Sta., Tokyu Meguro Line
Area Land 905.63㎡
Building 1,547.03㎡
Construction RC, 6F
Completed March 2008
Type of Ownership Proprietary ownership

Property Features

・ Gekkocho Apartment is a mid-rise apartment building with retail space located approximately 13-minute walk from Musashi-Koyama Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line.
・ This property is adjacent to Rinshi No Mori Park, and the surrounding area is a mature residential district, with many single-family homes and apartment buildings.
・ This property was completed in 2008. Despite experiencing some wear and tear and aging as would be expected for a building its age, the property has been kept in good condition thanks to regular rounds of inspection by the property management company.
・ This property was built as an all-electric residential complex, and comprises a total of 16 rental housing units and 2 retail lots. Each rental housing unit has its own theme, such as “cars,” “light,” and “SOHO,” catering to various lifestyles. Retail stores are designed to be closely linked with the local communities. Featuring open ceilings and high windows, the units were designed to provide a more open feel than most rental apartments. These designs helped this property win the Good Design Award in 2008.
・ This property offers good accessibility to such amenities as daily goods stores, an elementary school, a nursery, parks, hospitals, and a post office in the surrounding area. Its design is appealing to end users. We therefore believe that this property is equally competitive as alternative properties in the same category.