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Rd-02 Live Akabane

Address 3-29-10 Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access Approx. 4-min. walk from Kita-Akabane Sta., JR Saikyo Line
Area Land 2,393.56㎡
Building 4,484.24㎡
Construction SRC, 12F
Completed March 1989
Type of Ownership Proprietary ownership

Property Features

・ Live Akabane is a high-rise apartment building located on a corner lot approximately 4-minute walk from Kita-Akabane Station on the JR Saikyo Line.
・ In recent years, condominium development has taken place in the area, and there is a strong trend for buyers to acquire large plots as condominium development sites, where certain floor area ratios can be secured.
・ This property site is larger than standard-size lots in the neighboring area, can be used wholly as a condominium site and offers a large plot of land with a convenient and good environment to live in. High-end condominiums should be able to be developed here, judging from the grade of the area and the current situation in the new condominium marketplace.
・ Alternative properties in the same category are rental apartments for families. The property’s surrounding area provides more amenities such as parks and supermarkets than such alternative properties, and this property offers a convenient and good living environment. We therefore believe that this property is highly advantageous in the marketplace.