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Rt-01 Inage Kaigan Building

Address 3-23-2 Takasu, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Access Approx. 1-min. walk from Inagekaigan Sta., JR Keiyo Line
Area Land 1,884.29㎡
Building 7,175.12㎡
Construction SRC, 7F
Completed November 1992
Type of Ownership Proprietary ownership

Property Features

・ The Inage Kaigan Building is a high-rise office building with retail space located on a corner lot approximately 1-minute walk from the Inagekaigan Station on the JR Keiyo Line.
・ This property’s neighboring area and its surrounding areas comprise the nearest retail district to the Inagekaigan Station on the JR Keiyo Line. A residential area extends behind this retail district, and it contains many amenities such as daily goods stores, banks, and eating/drinking establishments that people living in the area make use of. It is a mature area as a commercial district and attracts a large number of customers.
・ This property was completed in 1992. Despite experiencing some wear and tear and aging as would be expected for a building its age, the property has been kept in good condition thanks to regular rounds of inspection by the property management company.
・ The leasable space of each floor area irregularly shaped, but the building’s core (common elements such as the elevator shaft, etc.) is located on one side, which allows offices to be divided into small spaces, giving the property a design that, we believe, promotes efficient use.
・ Although this property is behind the plaza in front of Inagekaigan Station, it is still located in the nearest area to the train station giving it high visibility and mobility. It is highly profitable as a rental property, and is highly advantageous compared to alternative properties in the same category.