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O-01 Tama Center Tosei Building

Address 1-15-2 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo
Access Approx. 4-min. walk from Odakyu Tama Center Sta., Odakyu Tama Line
Area Land 5,750.12㎡
Building 16,212.96㎡
Construction S, SRC, B1/7F
Completed July 1989/October 1990(of expansion)
Type of Ownership Proprietary ownership

Property Features

・ Tama Center Tosei Building is a high-rise office building located on a corner lot approximately 4-minute walk from each of the following train stations: the Keio-tama-center Station on the Keio Sagamihara Line; the Odakyu Tama Center Station on the Odakyu Tama Line; and the Tama Center Station on the Tama Monorail Line.
・ The area at the south entrance of the above 3 stations was developed as part of a new housing and urban development project, and features retail facilities with strong name recognition, including MITSUKOSHI, Ito-Yokado, and WARNER MYCAL, and the townscape is arranged in an orderly fashion. It is also a good location as a residential area due to the fact that it is near retail facilities.
・ This property was completed in 1989. Despite experiencing some wear and tear and aging over the years, it has been kept in good condition thanks to regular rounds of inspection by the property management company.
・ Despite being less competitive than a large office building in central Tokyo, we believe that this property is fairly competitive compared to other similar-sized office buildings in the surrounding area.
・ This property is divided into an office section and a judicial scrivener’s association hall section, and the office section can be further divided up for use.