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Utilization and Revitalization of Existing Building Stock

Tosei Reit Investment CorporationUtilization and revitalization of the vast existing building stock in Japan’s real estate market

Investment Target

Among the vast existing building stock in Japan’s real estate market, we invest in relatively small- and medium-sized office buildings, retail facilities, residential properties, hotels and logistics facilities.

Investment Policy

We assess the potential of assets as rental properties with an emphasis on yield levels and stability, while also investing with an eye to the possibility for adding value to properties as we seek to increase unitholder value.
Through this investment approach, we also seek to further rejuvenate Japan’s real estate market by utilizing and revitalizing existing building stock and contribute to the expansion of the scale and scope of the J-REIT market.

Leveraging Three Major Strengths

Tosei’s Core Competencies

  • Good JudgmentThe know-how to comprehensively assess an investment property based on factors including location, size, age, facilities/specifications and structure, and to assess a property’s competitiveness and potential as a rental property
  • Leasing CapabilityThe know-how to raise the level of satisfaction among tenants through appropriate management of investment properties, and improve and/or maintain occupancy rates with leasing activities that match a property’s specific features
  • Revitalization CapabilityThe know-how to improve and/or maintain the competitiveness of a property by assessing the property’s current competitiveness in the market, followed by performing any necessary refurbishments or renovations at the appropriate time